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Services and Pricing

Your dog will have spacious, clean, climate controlled quarters allowing your furbaby to be comfortable while you are away.  All dogs will be taken to play OUTSIDE many times each day for exercise, play time, space to run on green grass in our fresh country air! Every dog is different, and play time will be determined individually as to what is needed and best for the dog and ALWAYS with owner input. Physical AND mental stimulation are both important.  When inside, treat puzzles and treat balls are used and most often with a "hooman" plopped down with them to keep them company. And, hey, we even play music for them inside at all times! 

Bottom line?  We go out and play - in the grass and leaves with balls and play sets and lots of interaction.  Real "DOG" stuff!  That's what being out in the country is all about!

We are family owned and live on site.  Really!  Your dogs will be nestled between Michele, the owner, on one side and Michele's mom, "Nana," on the other.  We choose to keep only a small number of dogs to be certain each get the attention and love it needs and deserves while you are away. We know how much we absolutely adore our furbabies. They truly are family. And we promise to be the safe, loving, fun place to stay for yours while you are away. 

Want videos and pics?  Thank goodness!  We love to send you daily texts and/or e-mails to show you how the furry family member is doing!

Please bring your dog's food when you come.  Switching food could upset their tummy.  You are welcome to bring a favorite toy and/or blanket for their quarters.  

Boarding rate: $35/night (includes FREE optional probiotic, and FREE bath before pick up if staying longer than 1 night) 

Ask about our additional household dog discount.

Drop off and pick up times are by appointment Mon-Fri 7:30am-6:00pm, Sat 7:30am-3:00pm, Sun 11:00am-6:00pm.



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